Monday, November 22, 2010

My personal history of video games

The memories of my gaming history are fond; the countless hours I’ve wasted staring at a game, and which I still do today. The epic adventure began over ten years ago, when I was still a little boy. My family and I were enjoying a peaceful holiday in a hotel in the mountains. I was full of energy, and every day my old folks and I went outside to explore and have fun, but some days the weather was awful, and there was nothing to do. While I was looking around the station, I came across a basement, from which screams of happiness or anger were heard. For me, it seemed like a dungeon, and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was so curious I couldn’t resist. Walking down the huge steps, it got darker and darker, but suddenly I saw a light filled with colors and upon my eyes I saw a dozen or more arcade games. I didn’t know what they were, but I knew it was going to be fun. After a while I got the hang of it and had great fun.

When we got back, I started pre-school again and nearly forgot about the video games, until some of my friends mentioned buying a console. I thought it was something like the arcade games I played, and told my parents about it. One day after school, I went home to find that they had bought me an Atari Terminator. It sounded so awesome. I’m not quite sure, but the first game I played on it was likely Mario, or something with tanks. I can’t forget how much my father and I played Mario together. I didn’t have a lot of games for it, and most of them were actually some kind of gypsy rip-off versions sold for pocket change, but they worked, and therefore I didn’t care. Believe it or not, I enjoyed playing outside more than in front of the monitor, although there was one game which I absolutely loved.

A friend of mine had a Nintendo and a few games for it, but one of them stood out, one which we are all familiar with: CONTRA! It was such a battle to play it, and we were around ten boys fighting over two controllers but nevertheless, it was even awesome just to watch it.

As I got older, there was a period where I wasn’t into video games much. I had more fun drawing and playing with toys. But after a couple of years, I was becoming a teenager, toys were no longer the ‘cool thing’, and little by little I got back to computer games. I don’t remember them all, but some were Wolfenstein, Counter strike, Half-life, and Halo.
I used to go with my friends to computer clubs, because it was only at these places that we could get good internet connection in order to play online multiplayer. We organized matches against one another, to see which one of us was the best. Mostly we played Counter Strike, which I really didn’t care for that much.

Years passed and I did enjoy playing games when I had the time. The time when I had to choose what I will study in a university had come, and I stopped to think about my own interests, and what I was good at. My search ended at game design.

Today, the games that I enjoy most are Hats (or Team Fortress 2, as it is more commonly known), Dead space, Gears of War, and other related titles. But I do revisit the old school games whenever I can. I’m not sure what the future will hold for games… maybe the same as always.

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