Saturday, November 12, 2011

Personal review of the first year

Looking back on year one, I realize that it wasn’t so much of a struggle as I thought it would be, especially in comparison to this year so far. It might be that I’m saying that because it has already passed and over with, but it’s difficulties were still somewhat easier to handle than several of the changes so far this year.

The biggest issues I faced during the first year were getting used to the course, and its programs, such as 3Ds Max, which I had never used beforehand. As well, being a foreign student required a lot of adjustment. Personally, I feel I’ve matured to some extend since the first year, and I am able to better realize the weight that I have to carry on my shoulders. Still, there is much I have to get used to.

In hindsight, I realize there are many things that I could have done better, one of which was my time management. This is an issue I’ve tried to get better at for years, with little progress. Essentially, I get everything done at the last moment, perhaps because of the fear of failing or not reaching the deadlines makes me go into work-overdrive, at which point I get everything done in one go. This year, however, I’m starting projects near the beginning, and working on them little by little until completion. Still, I tend to complete a large part of the work near the end. Overall, I think I did well during the first year – not great, of course – but I intend to improve. From my experience, I found that the time and effort I thought I put into a project simply wasn’t enough sometimes.

As of now, I can’t really describe what my expectations are for this year, as I’m uncertain of what is to come. However, there are several things I’d like to achieve. First, I’d like to show some improvement in my art. Secondly, my 3Ds Max skills could stand to improve, though I’m really not looking forward to it. I plan to spend as much extra time as I can with drawing, and developing myself as an artist. So far, I can say I’ve travelled a long road since my beginnings, and I plan to continue down that road to improvement. Sometimes the goal of getting there drives me mad, especially when looking at the art of those better than me; still, I strive to get better, and eventually surpass them. It’s a long and difficult road, but I take it in stride; I may want to take the easier paths, but something inside me urges me to take the rougher path.

Having seen what our current projects are, I’m quite confident that I can do them. Now, though, we’re a little bit more stressed out about our work, as we’ve got to put forth our best effort in order to pass on to year three. At point I find it quite difficult to manage the workload, and I have to try and balance that with developing my drawing skills. Another issue I’ve been facing that is having an effect on my work is my eyes. I’ve had medical issues with them for years; mainly, they’re photosensitive. After staring at a screen for some time, they hurt quite a bit for the rest of the day. Managing this requires taking breaks every now and then, where I just have to stop looking at anything in order to let them recover.

Overall, year one wasn’t quite as difficult as I expected it to be. This year however, I know I have to put forth a greater effort, and balance my own issues at the same time, in order to succeed.

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