Monday, April 23, 2012

Reflection of Year 2

Reflection of Year 2

Yet again I have to reflect upon the past year. Well, finishing the second year was quite a bit more challenging than the first year. A great deal more work and growing up does have a lot of responsibilities. The tasks which we were given and had to complete were one of the issues I faced, and the other was figuring out what I will do in the future.

To be honest, that question is still open and the answer lies somewhere in the future, so on that subject I have nothing to say. But there was also the question of the purpose of universities and what do they teach us. Universities are a big place where you give thousands upon thousands of pounds with the idea that after 3 or more years you will finish and get a piece of paper that says you have a diploma, hoping that it will help you get a better job, because nowadays jobs are something precious, and when you get one, it’s over. Till the rest of his life a person will work to support himself and his family.

Universities are used also to gather lots of different people together, and perhaps that’s the only good aspect to them, but to what expense? Giving thousands of pounds just to hang with some people and teach each other? Hmm that gives me an idea, why not with that amount of money, gather lots of talented people, try working with then under one roof, teach each other and make something that will profit for everyone. Why give so much money to universities when most of the time you see no point to them aside from the diploma.

But let us think of them in a different light, maybe they gather people together away form home so they grow independent, responsible, and actually sit and do their studies. That is good, but I ask why at such a big expense? University fees are growing everywhere. How in the hell can you ask for a student that most of the time he will support his own ass, doesn’t even have the right to have a good job, and then charge him 9000 pounds or more per year for that?

That’s the major question: is there a point to studying in university? Why not just sit on your ass, get tons of books, try getting some people to help, and make a man of yourself. It would certainly be less expensive if you know where to look. But enough on that subject.

What I want to get from university studies? A diploma that will get me a good job. Why? Because the world revolves around money, and you can’t survive without it.

As I said I still have no idea what I want to be, and if I do, that’s personal. But what I want to make of myself is different. As most people, I want to improve and become better, because the other way around is just suicide.

But let’s see what I learned from second year. I am glad that the people around me are nice, and the help they can give is very much appreciated. But there is the fact that everyone stands for himself, especially in these days.

There is also the fact that a company will hire you if you are a work machine, if you can do what they tell you to, make you sit on your ass all day and work. If you are that kind of person and you actually like that, well, the future is bright for you.

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